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     I don't know how it happened, but it did. I guess most of us enthusiasts can blame it on our fathers. In my case, I can definitely pass the blame. My father was never a huge Hot Rodder by any stretch of the imagination, but as a child I do remember him working on other people's cars and his own Grand Torino. From an early age I learned to appreciate the aesthetics and sounds of the American automobile. Then in the late 1980's my grandfather gave me his 1973 Camaro. That act of generosity pretty much sealed my fate. A 17-year-old kid behind the wheel of a muscle car is altogether an exciting and stupid thing. That love -- the love of feeling the torque throw you back into your seat; the curves, the chrome -- it has always stuck with me.

     In college I would daily drive my lowered '59 Buick Lesabre to school, attracting the strangest stares of curiosity (even from fellow "art" students). To them I was known as "that car guy". How I became an automotive photographer was really quite by accident and not by my own design. If I was smart, I would have learned something practical like business or finance. But sometimes we don't choose what we become, it chooses us. Besides, I think I would rather be strangled by a piano wire if I had to chain myself to a desk every day. Taking a beginning photography class for "fun" steered me into a whole new direction and ultimately became my career choice. After doing some freelancing for various automotive magazines during college, I was recruited and offered a job at Super Chevy magazine. I quit college and took the job, working for nearly five years writing and shooting stories all across the country. Working for a magazine and traversing the country was quite an exciting experience. Working for a giant corporation that owns nearly all the popular titles on the shelf, however, was not quite as exciting.

     These days I have gone back to freelance photography, shooting and writing for various publications and companies. Of course, everything I do is still related to the automobile -- that love will never die.


Michael Harrington


A motivated, and responsible self-starter with over five years professional magazine production experience in meeting challenging deadlines, producing quality feature photography and editorial content, assuming leadership, accepting delegated assignments, and cultivating relationships with advertisers, vendors, and magazine enthusiasts.

Work History:

Primedia / Source Interlink                              September, 2004 to January, 2009
Associate Editor, Super Chevy magazine

  • Travelled across the country attending various car shows, representing the magazine in issuing awards to the show’s attendees, photographing vehicles for feature stories, meeting with advertisers and networking to solicit potential advertisers. Acted as sole West Coast editor in the late years of service.
  • Performed major role as the staff photographer, photographing a majority of Super Chevy’s magazine covers and travelling to high profile industry events to photograph events and vehicles. Additionally supported Camaro Performers, Classic Truck, Hot Rod, Hot Rod Deluxe, Rod and Custom, Street Rodder, and Low Rider magazines as a contributing photographer.
  • Heavily reported and photographed for technical articles: documenting automotive parts received by donation, monitoring their installation and performance, then reporting results to the reader with special regard to uphold credibility and honesty as an editor in maintaining the trust of the magazine’s readership.
  • Produced regular feature articles and accompanying photography for Super Chevy’s regular monthly publication. Conducted interviews, researched, wrote, edited, and submitted final product to the editor by deadline.
  • Produced and directed Super Chevy’s annual calendar insert: coordinated and collaborated with company sponsor; selected vehicles for each month’s feature, secured owner’s legal consent and release; executed photo sessions for twelve automobiles at various locations across the country for ultimate submittal to the art department.
  • Produced editorial content and photography for several Super Chevy newsstand specials featuring subjects dedicated to specific model Chevrolet automobiles including the Camaro, the Chevelle, and the Nova; Produced editorial content and photography for the newsstand special dedicated to the tri-five Chevrolet years: 1955, 1956, and 1957.
  • Acted as the editor–in-chief of several assigned newsstand specials, taking responsibility for all editorial content, photography, and freelance assignments as well as delegating tasks and other functions amongst the staff to successfully produce the issues.
  • Acted as interim editor-in-chief for the crew’s flagship production Super Chevy magazine in addition to three supplementary newsstand specials for several months during a leadership transition: directed selection of articles and featured photography, assigned responsibilities to production staff and followed through to meet demanding deadlines.
Cool House Publishing                              October 2003 to September, 2004
Feature Editor, Ol’ School Rodz’ and The Horse magazines

  • Travelled across the country to attend car shows, representing the magazine in seeking out cars for feature stories and photography layouts.
  • Acted as staff photographer, selecting features and scouting locations for photo shoots, coordinating with owners and interviewing, writing, and editing feature articles.
Skills and Equipment

  • Canon EOS bodywork of cameras (digital and film) and lenses
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge
  • iView
  • Studio Lighting (Strobes, flash packs, etc.)
  • Mobile Lighting (JTL Mobile Light 300)
  • Speedotron studio equipment: Power packs and flash heads
  • Black and White enlargers and other darkroom printing on RC papers and fiber papers

  • Salt Lake Community College, 2002 - 2003

    Graphic Art Communications Program with emphasis in Photography

    *Left degree program to pursue career upon Primedia’s offer
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